Not Your Typical CFO's and Accountants

We'll roll up our sleeves, envision, plan and work right along with you as you build solid growth. And when your business reaches the top...we'll celebrate as much as you will.



Your business represents your hard work and expertise, so lets talk about putting you and your team in the best position possible to grow, out perform your competitors, and surpass your business goals without breaking the bank and overpaying for your current needs.

Our team of growth CFOs and specialized accountants approach your financial needs as a person, a member of your team, ready to empower you as the owner and executive. Our approach is focused on listening to your needs, building trust, generating a positive impact right away, and ultimately putting more cash in the bank. Only after we understand the value of your business now, we can partner with you to shape its success for the future.

We are also different in our approach from the very beginning. Our goal is to help business owners and their employees thrive by envisioning being in the top percentile of their industry. This includes delivering the right customer impact, becoming a great place to work, and working on your business rather than losing control of the numbers. We want you to have a clear, realistic vision for the future.

We are your CFOs , accountants, and financial growth experts by your side each step of the way.

Kirk W. McLaren
CEO, Foresight CFO

Team Qualifications

  • CFO’s Average 25 Years of Experience
  • All are trained to use the Strategic Financial Management System™
  • All are Certified Value Builders
  • All have degrees including Masters of Business Administration, Masters and/or Bachelors of Science in Finance and Accounting
  • Many are Certified Public Accountant’s and/or Certified Treasury Professionals
  • Accounting Operations are ISO9001 Certified
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