Strategic Financial Management

Is Your Brand Ready for the Coming Storm?

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Imagine you’re a part of a meeting that, unfortunately like so many, is playing out across America. As you take your seat at the table in the board room of one of the largest retailers, the feeling of dread hangs like a heavy cloud. The silence is deafening. The challenge today is to decide how many stores you’re going to scuttle to remain financially afloat, at least for a little while longer.

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The Contract is Open for Bid, But Are You Ready for DCAA?

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You’ve found it…that perfect federal government contract that is up for bid. Your company’s expertise matches with the contract description; you have the right personnel with the right certifications; you can demonstrate competence and believe you have competitive pricing models which should put your company in the running. If you could secure this contract it would mean a big financial boon and a feather in your company’s cap.

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