Confidence. Clarity. Impact.

CONFIDENCE in your numbers. CLARITY on next steps. IMPACT on profitability & total value.

High Growth CFO and Accounting Services

We look at strategic financial management and accounting services differently so you can be confident in growing your business to the top percentile of its industry. This means more cash in the bank and a realistic look at financially sound high growth opportunities. Our team of chief financial officers (CFOs), certified public accountants (CPAs) and true financial growth strategists maximize the performance of your business. Let’s work together so you can get back to working on your business, not in your business.

They take the guessing out of where and how to grow with confidence. They stepped in on day one and provided clarity on the financial health of my business and where we could invest on growth!

Lauren DunneCEO, Varnish Lane

They are a partner! They are strategic and tactical, and they are proactive about saving me money and helping me grow confidently!

Richard RossiPresident, da Davinci Education, Inc.

I wasn’t getting what I needed from accounting. Now I know my cash at the beginning of the week and get a management report at the end of the week listing what was done and what will be done next week. Not only do I get monthly financial statements on-time, they provide me a dashboard style analysis. Life saver!

D. MattisonTechnology Group Inc., Washington, DC

The monthly value building program changed how I work. By the second quarter opportunities replaced fires as I invested in the scalable part of my business. I learned to use my financials and the peer benchmarks to make competitive decisions that I didn’t even know about before. Just by achieving average inventory turn I freed up $627 thousand in cash.

Anne NiemiraIdentity Food LLC, Sacramento, California

Foresight CFO corrected a year of messy accounting records in three weeks then kept getting better. For the first time the bank extended me a line of credit based on the reliability of my numbers.

Tom GreenbergTriple Education, Austin, Texas

Our CFO provided market insights into our strategic planning process. We compared ourselves to the industry then used a long term forecast to figure out where we needed to be and where we needed to start this year to maximize our valuation. Working together monthly helped us understand cost and pricing options as we improved sales and built the capacity that supports our growing business. Profit increased 38% already and the operational audit produced $1.23 million in cost savings.

Bennett DolanSport Healthcare Companies, Chicago

Thank you for taking over my back-office operations. I am about to devote myself to client services that is making the difference.

William WolfeWolfe Legal, New York

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